Why More Consumers Are Shopping Now?

If you have heard about the new phenomenon called ‘shop now‘, then you are most likely aware that this concept has revolutionized the way we do the shopping. Online shopping is simply a modern version of direct online purchasing, where consumers can order goods or services directly from a seller via a web-based portal or a cell phone app without having to leave their homes. Consumers no longer need to go and visit a store to purchase their chosen item because they can purchase it right now from the comfort of their home, office, school or anywhere for that matter! Many consumers would instantly recognize this convenience, and that is why shop now is becoming such a hot trend.

Healthy Shopping Experience

One of the main reasons why more people are flocking to shop now online is because of the convenience it offers them. Once consumers decide to shop now, they simply open their web browser and search for the products or services that they want to buy. They don’t need to browse through dozens or even hundreds of pages of online catalogs, which can be very time consuming. Instead, they simply choose an item from the product collection that best describes their needs or wants, clicks on the buy now button and away they go! In fact, many stores have found that when they add a button that lets customers shop now to their online store, sales increase by as much as 40 percent immediately!

Of course, another reason why more consumers are starting to shop now online is because it gives them access to more ways to engage with their favorite brands. Traditional marketing methods such as email, television and print advertising are quickly being replaced by a new trend called social media marketing. The goal of this new strategy is to build brand recognition through communities, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. For example, if a user wants to find out more information about certain products or services, they can share their thoughts and opinions with their friends, followers or influencers. In the process, these consumers are building relationships with the companies that they patronize.