Use Online Call Tracking to Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Use an exclusive phone number for your business, work trucks, direct mailer, brochure, or for your billboard, TV, and radio ads. Call tracking number software will track each call made by your prospects using a special caller identification number (CCID). Callers to your offers will match a unique telephone number with a unique caller id. You will also receive their outgoing caller id information, and a complete history of all inbound and outbound call between you and your prospects.

The Benefits Of Using Online Call Tracking Numbers

Callers to your unique numbers will be charged on a regular basis based on the rates listed on your online call tracking page. This allows you to determine how effective your marketing campaign is and what you need to do to increase sales. If you are implementing online call tracking for your new or expanded business, you can easily track your return on investment (ROI) by tracking phone calls and identifying which marketing campaigns are contributing the most to overall sales volume.

For businesses, marketing campaigns, and even existing customers, using an online call tracking number system can be extremely helpful. If you cannot afford telemarketers to blanket the areas you need to reach, you can simply set up your business to receive targeted phone calls. Using your call tracking number, you can identify specific groups of people you want to reach, and then target that group with messages tailored to that individual. For example, if you offer high end services, your marketing team could send messages at certain times of the day to remind customers to come for more quality. This will help increase overall customer satisfaction and also ensure that your customer base remains loyal and satisfied with your products and services.