How to Shop For the Perfect Purge Mask

Order now from the online purge mask store to have a true, authentic look unlike any other movie version ever made, and shop for your Halloween masks with ease knowing that you are getting the real deal, the real mask from the film The Purge! The film itself is a highly stylized psychological crime thriller that follows the life of young women as they find themselves caught in the grips of a satanical Purge and its nefarious plot. The stylish and sultry lead character, done so in a two piece bikini is the perfect symbol of the female identity that the film is meant to represent. These fun sultry ladies are also tattooed with a series of Celtic crosses to represent the blood thirsty nature of their sorority and fraternity. Order now from the online store for an authentic look at this sexy and sultry character as well as one of many other awesome designs.

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The stylish and sultry female lead character is fast becoming one of the most recognizable characters from The Purge film franchise. Order now from the online store to have this lead character and her party of sexy ladies ready to rock the night away this Halloween. The ladies who wear the purge mask and are covered with tattoos can also be seen throughout the movie wearing these crazy costumes too. Whether you want to dress up as one of the characters, or simply want to show your love of the original film; you’ll be able to find an exciting costume to fit your tastes as well as the tastes of others when you shop for the costumes and masks featured here.

One of the more interesting costumes that these sexy ladies wear is the purge light, which was inspired by the classic and erotic movie The Burning. This costume comes with a heavy layer of black fabric over a mesh mask with heavy eyelet embroidery and a lace veil. It also comes complete with heavy duty straps that will keep it secure on your face as you scream and giggle your way across the neighborhood in search of your next victim. And with a light purgatory theme, the design of this costume is very reminiscent of the mask that has featured in the film. With its large eye and chunky base, this light is sure to bring enjoyment to everyone who sees it.