Are Gas Log Fires Safe?

gas log fires

If you love the appearance of traditional outdoor fireplaces but would like all of the benefits of gas log fires listed above as well, the best solution for you would be gas log fires. Gas log fireplaces use realistic ceramic logs to duplicate the look of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, emit the warm cosy glow which makes huddled around the fire so very desirable, and have the added benefit of being better for the environment than wood. You’ll also find that gas log fires are easier to maintain than wood ones and burn more efficiently, with less soot production. The biggest drawback of gas log fires however is the price – not everyone can afford them, and if your budget doesn’t allow for them you may be stuck with an unsatisfactory product.

Need More Time? Read These Tips To Eliminate Gas Log Fires

Gas logs are made from propane or natural gas (usually butane) and require a regular supply of fuel to keep running. Because they use gas to create heat rather than wood, they have to be kept in a somewhat oxygen deprived environment, which makes their fuel source pretty risky, so you need to make sure you have a good firebox and a place where they can be safely stored. Gas log fireplaces look more authentic than other types of outdoor fireplaces, such as chimney fires, because they don’t use real wood logs as their fuel – the gas is vented through a chimney, which means they look more realistic than the realistic looking paper inserts which are sometimes used to provide paper lanterns for chimneys. Paper lanterns can be a dangerous and flammable item in the wrong hands, so always use chimney firewood or real wood if you plan on using one of these products.

Despite their realistic looks, gas log fires aren’t without their disadvantages. They’re not as durable as wood-based fires, and although they are less flammable, they are still less stable. They also don’t look as realistic as they might – it’s all well having a blue flame for warmth and ambience, but when it gets too close to a wall or a tree it can look a bit shabby. Overall, however, gas log fires are very good at creating lots of heat for your home and they’re much better for your lungs than other types of fires, so they’re definitely worth considering as an option for your annual chimney cleaning.