An Exotic Indonesian Holiday in the Amazing 2 Bedroom Villa

Located in the charming and quite region of Central Java in the Indonesia, the 2 bedroom villa Seminyak is a perfect place for a holiday in a small budget. The property is located near the sea, meaning that the sea breezes and clean salt water are ideal for spending time on the beach. The property offers a serene environment with low maintenance to make your stay more enjoyable.

How to enjoy Indonesian Holiday

2 bedroom villa seminyak


The villa itself has two rooms, the first being the fully furnished private villa and the second being the living room which feature a king size bed. The air-conditioned private pool is also available on request along with a mini bar as well as an internet connection. The two-story building was constructed in the mid-nineties and is fully equipped with all the modern comforts required by its owners. The living room and private pool area are spacious with comfortable sofa, dining table and a television.

For those who would like to venture out into the rural area surrounding Seminyak, there is an ancient monument called the Singing Monsoon which can still be visited with the permission of the Director. This ancient monument gives an eerie feeling due to its similarity to an old movie, with dark clouds and lonely mountain peaks. Other interesting attractions in the vicinity include the National Museum and the picturesque Mount Ungaran, all of which are only a few hundred meters away.